What type of boat will I board?

You will board a brand new Zodiac Pro Open 5.5 with a hybrid rigid/inflatable hull. This is a safe and versatile boat for the bay area and its unique design allows direct landing on beaches. 

What is included in the tour?

– Pick up and drop off at a marina: 1/Richmond Bay Yacht Harbor at 1340 Marina Way South, Richmond, CA94804 or 2/ Sausalito public launching ramp.

– Sightseeing of the San Francisco bay including: Alcatraz, Golden Gate bridge, and Angel Island.

– Picnic on a private beach on Angel Island.

You may encounter some wildlife on your journey, including sea lions, and potentially dolphins.

How long is the tour?

The tour takes 3.5 to 4:5 hours depending on the options you choose.

Estimated timeline:

– Boating: 1.5 hours

– Lunch on the beach: 2 hours

– Treasure hunt game (optional): 45 minutes

Departure time: 10:30 am

Return: 2:30 pm, approx.

What is the maximum number of passengers?

The boat can host 12 passengers altogether but we purposely limit the number of passengers to 6 for a comfortable experience.

What is the minimum passenger age?

The minimum age requirement is 6-years old. Legal guardians are expected to be present for any passengers below 12 years old. Life jackets are mandatory for anyone onboard our vessel and we will provide them to your party. Safety is our top priority.

Can I book the boat just for myself/my party?

Yes, see our pricing options.

What do I need to bring?

– Rain/warm jacket. It can get windy in the bay area.

– Swimsuit if you plan on swimming in the pacific ocean. Water temperature is between 10-14deg C / 50-55deg F. Some might call this “chilly” water; others define this as brave swimming, your call 🙂 

– Comfortable/easy to remove shoes (picnic will be on a sandy beach)

– Towel, whether you plan to swim or not

– Your camera/cell phone for memorable pictures

What will be provided?

– Life vests 

– Water-proof bag to store your personal belongings

– Food/drink if you selected this option. Of course, we will have bottled water on board for you.

– Treasure hunt game and  accessories if you added this fun experience to your adventure.

– Safety kit

What are the food options?

Food options include:

– Charcuterie and/or cheese boards

– Alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages, such as water or sodas. Note: Limit of 2 glasses per person over 21). See our pricing list for details.

You also have the option to bring your own lunch.  Please note that we can accommodate for one cooler only.

Will restrooms be available?

No toilet is provided on the boat.

From the depart/return point, public restrooms are available at the Richmond Marina or in nearby restaurants in Sausalito.

On the island where the picnic is held, public restrooms are ~1mile away (~1.5km) walk from the lunch area.

Does the crew stay with guests during the picnic lunch?

For safety reasons, the crew will stay in the vicinity of the lunch area while giving you privacy.

What does the “Quarry Treasure Hunt” game consist of?

The “Treasure Hunt” takes place on the beach where we’ll have lunch. It consists of solving clues (word/number games, riddles, puzzles and more) to ultimately locate a pirate’s treasure. The treasure of course includes prizes. The game lasts usually about 30-45 minutes. It’s a lot of fun for families or corporate groups.

Will I be seasick?

Everyone reacts differently to water movements so we can’t know if you’ll feel sick or not. Overall, the experience on a motorboat can be quite different from that of a sailboat. Dramamine is an over-the-counter “go-to” remedy that anyone can take to manage the effects of sea sickness. 

What if the weather isn’t nice (rainy/windy)?

We closely monitor weather conditions, and if we deem the weather conditions unsafe, we will refund or reschedule the tour on a discretionary basis. See our Terms and Conditions policy.